Violet Voss Sugar Crystals Palette: Review & 6 Makeup Looks

Violet Voss Sugar Crystals Palette

Violet Voss Sugar Crystals Palette

The best part of a new palette is starting to imagine all of the possibilities that lie within it. I purchased the Violet Voss Sugar Crystals Palette this past August and I’ve been playing with it on and off since then. I’ve done quite a few makeup looks using it so I’m ready to share my thoughts on it as well as show you SIX different makeup looks that I’ve created using this colourful and versatile palette!

Violet Voss Sugar Crystals Palette

The packaging is fairly sleek and made of cardboard making it a sturdy palette. The bright colours on the outside are very representative of the fun that you can find inside the palette. I always love when the packaging is true to the product.

Violet Voss Sugar Crystals Palette

Inside the palette there is a mix of matte and shimmer shades. The top row being all matte, the centre row being the darker of the shimmers and the bottom row are the lighter shimmery shades. The bottom row truly reminds me of coloured sugar.

The colour pay off in general was a bit less than I expected but I learned to work with the palette. I think it would be perfect for someone who is just dipping their toes into colourful eye shadow as the shades are more buildable than intense. I found that the matte shades were difficult to use in the crease with my go-to Sigma E40 brush but once I started using my Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush I had a much easier time with them. The shimmer shades were difficult to apply with a brush but I got excellent payoff using my fingers.

Look #1

Transition/Crease: Mint Choco
Lid: Pistachio
Outer-V: Jelly Bean
Under Eye: Jelly Bean

Look #2

Transition/Crease: Pearberry
Lid: Sherbert & Orange Cream
Outer-V: Pearberry
Inner corner: Banana
Under Eye: Pearberry

Look #3

Transition/Crease: Bubble Gum
Lid: Strawberry & Grape
Outer-V: Jelly Bean
Under Eye: Jelly Bean & Bubble Gum

Look #4

Transition/Crease: Bubble Gum & Jelly Bean
Lid: Sugar Crystals & Cotton Candy
Outer-V: Jelly Bean
Under Eye: Jelly Bean & Bubble Gum

Look #5

Violet Voss Sugar Crystals Palette Makeup Look

Transition/Crease: Blue Razz & Jelly Bean
Lid: Limeade & Sweet n Sour
Outer-V: Blue Razz
Inner Corner: Limeade
Under Eye: Blue Razz

Look #6

Violet Voss Sugar Crystals Palette Makeup Look

Transition/Crease: Banana & Pearberry
Lid: Lemon Drop
Outer-V: Pearberry
Inner Corner: Butter Cream
Under Eye: Pearberry & Banana

Looks #2 and #4 are definitely my favourites of the bunch. I’m not usually into wearing blue shadows but I am surprised with how much I enjoyed #5 and could definitely see myself doing that one again!

In general, I am not sure if this is my favourite Violet Voss Palette as I didn’t find the eyeshadows as nice to work with as usual, I am still glad I got this palette. Once I adjusted my technique and changed out my brushes to fit the palette I had a lot of fun using it. As I said earlier, it would be the perfect palette for someone who is starting to use colour as it is not as intense as some of the other rainbow palettes on the market.



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