Please note that as of January 2020 this blog is no longer active

Violet Voss Sugar Crystals Palette Makeup Look

My name is Robyn, I am 30 years old and live at the head of Lake Superior in the beautiful City of Thunder Bay, Ontario. I’ve been beauty blogging since 2015 and have been loving every second of it. For me blogging combines two of my loves – writing and everything beauty.

While I’ve been wearing and buying makeup since I was twelve (hello black eyeliner and blue eye shadow), my interest in it really came to be in 2014. I was online buying some of the products that the makeup artist I hired for my wedding would be using so I would have them on hand for touch-ups. I bought a few lipsticks to get free shipping and the fascination with buying makeup and experimenting with it was born.

My makeup application “skills” are self-taught mostly through numerous hours of watching YouTube videos and where I try to absorb as much information as I can. If I could describe my personal style I would say it’s neutral or classic with a pop of colour. I do really enjoy experimenting with bright or different colours though. I enjoy stepping out of my comfort zone to try different colours or bolder styles.

I have a wonderful husband, two dogs (Max and Dex) and a bunny (Bunnelby) that I love very much. Sunny days on the deck with a good book are my favourite kinds of days. I’m also a bit of a geek, I love video games and superhero movies. My idea of a perfect evening involves Netflix, YouTube or video games with friends.

My logo on my home page was done by my super talented sister over at Alyson Isherwood Art! Go check out her Facebook page to see more of her designs!!

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