Snowmen Wine Bottle Art

snowmen wine bottle art

Stepping away from beauty for a moment, let’s chat about another one of my hobbies… crafting! As I’m in my new place now I’m starting to get more into decorating again. Decorating for Christmas is fun, however, I wanted to create something more winter-centric as Christmas is a very short time of the year vs. winter lasts quite a few months. Thus, my Snowmen Wine Bottles were born. I had seen a few ideas on Pinterest that I liked but none of them entirely captured what I wanted so I ended up winging it in the end. So let’s look at how I created my Snowmen Wine Bottle Art! I took pictures of a few of the steps and can fill in the blanks! Continue reading

My Makeup Brush Holder


Hi guys! Today I thought I would share with you the way I’ve set up my makeup brush holder. I got these containers at Ikea but because of the size I needed something to fill them. My makeup brushes were flopping over in them and it was really bothering me. It was hard to find something to fill the holders as I was being really picky. I didn’t want anything that could potentially scratch my brushes. This meant sand, decorative pebbles and so on, were out of the question. I wanted something that would be soft but also sturdy.

Originally I was looking at the filling you use for a bean bag chair, as I saw that suggested online. However, I could only find them in excessively large quantities. It seemed like a bit of a waste to buy a giant bag, when really I only needed about a cup or two of them. My husband, who was shopping with me, was not on board with the bean bag chair filling.

After that, we went to Michael’s to see if we could find something similar but in a smaller quantity. I did several laps around theĀ store and was becoming frustrated and disheartened by this impossible mission. That was went my husband veered off managed to find the perfect solution to my problem! He had found a bag of pellets meant for using for stuffed animals! They are like a soft plastic, with an almost hard gel texture. It is similar to what would be inside a beanie baby (did I just age myself there?.. anyone?). I’ve been using them for a few weeks and so far my brushes still look the same. They all stand up-right and I am so much happier.

P1010008 P1010006 P1000989

Anyways, I thought I would share this and hopefully save some of you the struggle of trying to find something to fill your makeup brush holder. Any container of a similar size, or something smaller like a mason jar, would work perfectly for this project! I’m thinking of decorating mine a little more with some ribbon and a glue gun!

What do you use for storing your makeup brushes? Let me know in the comments below!



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