Q4 Empties: October to December 2018

q4 empties

The last of my empties from 2018 and it’s a relatively small pile this time around. I didn’t finish much the last few months but honestly I wasn’t really using a ton of products. However, it is time to dispose of this trash so let’s chat about the products I emptied in the last quarter of 2018! I usually group my “repeats” together at the end but quite a few of these products are “repeats” so since it’s probably been awhile since I’ve talked about them I’ll give you my thoughts on them again. Continue reading

Q3 Empties: July to September 2018

Another late empties post… I’m honestly surprised my empties from Q3 survived the move! As usual most of these are repeats so I’ll have those bunched together at the end. I am such a creature of habit. I don’t have too many new or different empties this go-around, I didn’t really experiment much with skincare or anything over the summer. So, let’s check out what I emptied last quarter! Continue reading

Q2 Empties: April to June 2018

Q2 Empties 2018

I have been dying to sit down and make time to write this empties post considering Q2 ended a couple of weeks ago. My husband has asked me more than once if I’ve wrote it yet so I can throw out my garbage (blogger husband problems?), haha! If you follow me on Instagram you already know why I’ve been absent a lot lately. However, if you do not… I recently announced that my husband and I bought our forever home so we have been busting our asses finishing the renovations/updates to our current house.

Needless to say… I haven’t had a lot of time to test out new products or even sit down to write a post and edit photos. However, I gotta get this garbage out of my house so let’s chat about my Q2 empties! Continue reading

Q1 Empties: January to March 2018

Q1 2018 Empties

The first quarter of the year flew by, didn’t it? It honestly feels like I was in Paris celebrating the start of 2018 yesterday, and here we are one quarter of the way through the year already. I know I say this all the time but I really don’t know where the time goes. So with that said, I’ve got my empties from the first quarter of the year for you! I find it more manageable to do quarterly empties posts versus monthly because I really don’t empty THAT many products each month. Continue reading

Q4 Empties: October to December 2017

Q4 Empties

I’m a bit late on posting my final empties for 2017 but they have been sitting under my vanity and I am ready to get rid of them. A lot of these are repeat offenders but I do have a few new empties as well. I thought it might be easier to separate out the repeats so that I’m not boring you guys in each empties post. So, with that said, let’s check out what I emptied during the last quarter of the year!

Empties Q4


Empties Makeup

Revlon | Mega Multiplier Mascara

I was sent this item in an Influenster Vox Box complimentary for review and spent a great deal of time testing it out and wearing it regularly. It was probably at the end of it’s reign when I did my last empties post but I wasn’t quite ready to get rid of it yet at that point. You can read my full review on the Revlon Mega Multiplier Mascara but essentially, I did enjoy using it. Would I repurchase it? While it probably isn’t my favourite drugstore mascara, I would probably repurchase it at some point. Especially if I saw it on sale! Continue reading

Q3 Empties: July to September 2017

Q3 Empties

Hi guys! With Q3 complete it’s time to take a look at the empties that I have amassed over the last few months. There’s a few repeats this time around, as well as a whole bunch of mascara. I cleaned/organized my vanity the other day and found a bunch of mascaras that I thought I had already thrown out so I figured I might as well add those in here too! As you may recall, I’ve had my quarters mixed up this year so this post is a bit light as I had a few items in my last post that probably should have been in this one.


Q3 Empties

Rimmel | Shake it Fresh Mascara

I don’t really want to talk too much about this one as I did a full review of it here. I got it as part of an Influenster campaign and I hated it. I have barely used it but, I just can’t. It’s terrible. It didn’t flake or smudge, but the formula gave absolutely no volume to my lashes. They just kind of stuck straight out. Would I repurchase it? No way. With so many mascara choices out there, this is a hard pass.

Revlon | Dramatic Definition Mascara (Waterproof)

I gave the original version of the Revlon Dramatic Definition Mascara a very positive review, however, when I went to repurchase it I accidentally bought the waterproof version. I don’t really wear waterproof mascaras and don’t particularly enjoy removing them so I hardly ever knowingly purchase them. I kind of just forgot I owned it as I didn’t really enjoy using it. Would I repurchase it? No, but I’d go back to the regular version. Continue reading

Q2 Empites: Better Late than Never


Hi guys! My pile of empties was getting a bit out of hand recently and my husband had asked if I was ready to throw my beauty trash out yet. I responded by saying I was waiting for the end of Q2… to which my accountant husband pointed out was over a month ago. It appears that I’ve completely lost track of time, so this post is a bit larger than my normal post, so I’m guessing Q3 will probably be a little on the light side. With that said, let’s see what I’ve finished up since my last post!



Urban Decay | Naked Skin Concealer (Fair Neutral)

This was my ride or die concealer for quite some time. I think this is my second one that I’ve emptied over the past year. I love the shade of it, as well as how well it blends out while maintaining it’s pigmentation. While I have seen mixed reviews on it, it always worked for my skin. Would I repurchase it? Yes, but right now I’ve been pretty head over heels for the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer. That being said, I still have room in my heart for this beauty. Continue reading

Q1 Empties: January to April 2017

Hi guys! I’m back today with my first empties post of 2017! Can you believe we are nearly through with Q1 already? Time is just flying this year and I have a feeling it is going to continue on this way. So, today I have a fairly decent sized empties post for you. I find the quarterly format really works best for the pace in which I finish things. So here we go…

The Cleansers

Q1 Empties Skincare - Cleansers Continue reading