YouTube Made Me Buy It


Hi guys! The concept of the “YouTube Made Me Buy It!” post is nothing new, but I haven’t done one yet and as an avid YouTube-watcher I thought this would be fun! So let’s take a stroll through some of my past makeup purchases that I was convinced I needed from watching YouTube!

Too Faced | Chocolate Bar Palette


When I started getting into watching YouTube more, this product was already out. I wasn’t convinced I needed it right away as I had all three of the Urban Decay Naked palettes already. But, KathleenLights won me over with her constant praise of this palette. Do I regret buying it? Not at all, I love this palette! Plus, it smells like chocolate.

L’Oreal | Pro-Matte Foundation


I am someone who needs a matte foundation so when I started to see this pop-up all over YouTube I knew I needed to try it. I believe I first saw it on Young, Wild & Polished’s channel. Do I regret buying it? Nope! This is my go-to drugstore foundation. I’ve probably gone through 5 or 6 tubes of this! Continue reading

Glamorous in Gold!

Glamorous-in-Gold.jpgHi guys! Gold is usually out of my comfort zone because I tend to prefer either browny-warm shades, or cooler toned shades. I don’t generally wear a lot of gold because of the yellow undertones and how they look with my fair skin. However there are a few gold items in my collection, and since Gold is the Canadian Beauty Bloggers Theme for June, I thought I would do a gold themed look with a video tutorial!

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Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Palette


Hi guys! It’s Saturday so I have another video uploaded onto YouTube for you! Today I am featuring the Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Palette which my husband gave me for Valentine’s Day. I must say when it comes to chocolate, even though I do enjoy eating it from time to time, I much prefer the makeup version! I had been eyeing up this palette for awhile so he did good.

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January Favourites


Hi guys! Welcome to the first favourites post of 2016! To switch things up from the usual I’ve done a video this month. This is my first video-style favourites video so it is very short. I was so surprised when I saw how much footage I had because favourites videos are notoriously super long! I think it will take some time to get used to talking to the camera. My apologies in advance for my bratty dogs. This basically sums up why I’ve been doing all voiceover style videos.

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