5 Tips for Reducing Stress

5 Tips for Reducing Stress.jpg

Hi guys! This post is a bit different than my usual beauty-centred posts as I do want to include the odd lifestyle post from time to time. As we get older there are more and more things in our lives that contribute to stress. Whether it be work, finances, negative people in your life, the stress can come from a variety of places. I know I experience stress frequently from different sources and I think part of that can be chalked up to the fact that I am a chronic worrier. It’s been proven time and time again that stress is not good for your body and mind. I’m always looking for ways to distract myself and reduce stress so I thought I would share a few things that help me keeping in mind that everyone is different so they may not work for everyone.

  1. Snuggle a pet (or someone else’s pet)After a long, stressful day there is nothing better than coming home to my dogs. I swear they just know when I need the extra snuggles and will curl up either on top of me or beside me. Animals can be so therapeutic if you enjoy their company.
  2. Read a book: I love reading as it feels like an escape from reality. A good book should be able to teleport you to another time and place. It takes my mind off of whatever is causing me stress and gives me a chance to re-group.
  3. Exercise: When you exercise your body releases endorphins which is a neurotransmitter that makes your body feel good. They help you sleep better which also helps reduce your overall stress. It doesn’t have to be too strenuous, anything that will get the blood pumping will help!
  4. Talk to a loved one: Talking about what is causing you stress is great for two reasons. The first being that you’re not bottling it up inside which isn’t good for you. The second is you may gain someone else’s perspective and they may offer advice. I find talking about what is stressing me out makes a world of difference.
  5. Do something that makes you happy: Doing things that make me happy like working on this blog, playing with makeup, watching a show I like and so on, helps so much. It distracts me and also lifts my spirits. I temporarily forget about what was causing me stress and I end up feeling so much better because I’m not dwelling on it.

I hope this post was useful in some shape or form. As I said before, this is just what works for me. I am not a psychologist by any means (although fun fact, I studied psychology in university and I wanted to go down a similar path but, life took me elsewhere). I would love to hear your tips for reducing stress so please feel free to leave them in the comments down below!



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Mani Monday

OPI I'm Gown for Anything Alice Through the Looking Glass.jpg

Hi guys! It’s time for another Mani Monday! Today I have a new polish that I picked up from the recently launched OPI Alice Through the Looking Glass Collection. After much debate I decided to just pick up the light purple shade, I’m Gown for Anything! I thought it was a fairly unique shade and it seemed to appeal most to me. However, once I applied the polish it felt so familiar. It seemed identical to OPI’s Rumple’s Wiggin from the Shrek Forever After collection in 2010. That polish has been long discontinued though so if you don’t own it, this polish is for you! I’ll be comparing them side by side at the end of this post.

Products Used:

OPI Chip Skip
OPI Nail Envy Original (1 coat)
OPI I’m Gown for Anything! (2 coats)
Glisten & Glow HK Girl Fast Drying Top Coat (1 coat) Continue reading

Snapshot Sunday + Weekly Post Recap

Hi guys! I can’t believe it is Sunday again. Sunday has become even more of a bittersweet day for me. It already was because it is both a day off but also signals the end of the weekend. However, now it also means Game of Thrones and when that’s over, it’s almost time to go to bed and again, the weekend is over.

Snapshot Sunday.jpg

1. Enjoying the beautiful weather on the deck 2. Dex (and Max, not pictured) meets Yuki!

This past week breezed right by though. Before I knew it, it was Friday and it was the weekend again. I went to see Captain America: Civil War on Friday with my husband. I enjoyed it, however I don’t think it is my favourite in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It really got me thinking that they really need to make a movie centred around Black Widow. She only ever has a guest role in the other Avengers’ movies but she really does have an interesting enough of a back-story to hold her own… Maybe someday! If you typically enjoy the Marvel Cinematic Universe then I think you will like Civil War. However, I would love for all the superhero vs. superhero themes to take a break for awhile. Continue reading

Weekly Post Recap

Hi guys! I don’t really have much to say for Snapshot Sunday this week. It was a busy week as I was out of town attending to family matters so my posts on the blog were more sporadic than usual and I missed one all together. This week I am back through so regularly scheduled programming should resume!  Tomorrow will likely not be a Mani Monday though as I haven’t had a chance to paint my nails, but who knows, maybe I’ll find time later.

2016-04-29 19.08.12.jpg

Enjoy this picture of my sister’s bunny, Yuki, in place of any pictures from the week! 🙂

Anyways, I thought I would at least round up my posts from the past week so in case you missed any!

Mani Monday

Liquid Lipstick Round-Up

Ipsy Glam Bag: April

I hope you all have a lovely week!



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Ipsy Glam Bag: April

Ipsy April Glam Bag.jpg

Hi guys! Another fantastic Ipsy Glam Bag has arrived and yet again I am impressed. I’ve been doing a really good job of keeping my bags a surprise and it has been a thrill to receive them in the mail! I want to do these posts as YouTube videos on my channel so that you can see my first impressions of the swatches, however I was unable to film this month. I should be able to regularly film again soon though.

Let’s dive into what I got this month…

tarte | LipSurgence Lip Crème in Wonder

This is a creamy lipstick that is infused with maracuja oil to leave the lips feeling soft. It is a sheer wash of colour that can be built up (however it swatched fairly pigmented). I’m really excited to try out this product, tarte doesn’t usually let me down. It will be nice for one of those rare days when I don’t feel like wearing something matte.

Trust Fund Beauty | That Glo Tho Face Highlighter

This face highlighter is buildable so that you can get either a subtle or an intense highlight. It is said to be blendable as well so that it is easy to use. I don’t really ever use cream highlights but I’ll give it a go. It might work better if I set it with a powder highlight (hello, double highlight!). Continue reading

5 of My Matte “Must-Haves”

Matte Must-Haves.jpg

Hi guys the Canadian Beauty Blogger’s theme for the month of April is Matte Must-Haves and given that I looove mattes I thought I would share a few of my matte favourites! One of the reasons I love mattes is because they are so versatile. I mainly wear mattes on my lips, but given that I have oily skin, I also tend to keep my face matte as well! I always, always have a matte eyeshadow in my crease, but I also enjoy an all-matte all eye look from time-to-time. There is just something so crisp about it!

Before I say everything I want to say in my intro… let’s dive into my picks!

Bite Beauty | Matte Crème Lip Crayon

Bite Beauty Framboise

I have many, many matte lipsticks but I think this is one of my favourite formulas. It feels creamy yet dries down matte and lasts all day. You can see my full review of this product here! I only have one so far but I know I need many, many more! Continue reading