Love for Lipstick: Hail Cosmetics Eternal Matte Lipstick

Hail Cosmetics Fawn

Hi guys! Today I have a super excited Love for Lipstick┬ápost for you today! Not only is it my first of 2017, but it also is a local product! Today we’re looking at Hail Cosmetics, an independent cosmetics company based right here in Thunder Bay. Their products are not only hand-crafted but are also cruelty-free. At the moment their lineup is a range of Eternal Matte Lipsticks which are available in Thunder Bay at Mars Clothing, or on their website. At this time shipping is only available to Canada. I was lucky enough to get the shade Fawn for Christmas from one of my best friends. I had been meaning to pick one of these up but just hadn’t had a chance to yet. Continue reading