Collective Haul: August 2019

August Collective Haul

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a collective haul post so I thought I’d share with you all the products I purchased during the month of August since the month is nearly over. Where did July and August go? I feel like I say this every summer but they just disappear so fast! However, rather than talking about how I already miss those sweet summer months let’s chat about the products I purchased this month! Continue reading

3 Everyday Lippies

3 everyday lippies

I’ve been noticing a pattern with the lipsticks I’ve been wearing a lot lately. They are all fairly neutral and go with a variety of looks. I wear them with colourful looks and I wear them with more natural looking makeup looks. With all this said, I thought I’d share with you my current three everyday lippies. Continue reading

Easter Makeup Look with Colourpop Pressed Eyeshadows

Easter Makeup Look

It feels like it has taken a looong time to get here but Easter is finally right around the corner. In the spirit of Easter, and spring, I thought it would be fun to create a makeup look inspired by this colourful time of the year. I’ve been itching to use some of the blue/teal Colourpop pressed eyeshadows that I hauled a little while ago so I knew I had to incorporate those. I don’t wear blues/teals very often so I added in some pink to balance it out a bit. Let’s take a closer look at the Easter Makeup Look that I created! Continue reading

Colourpop Custom Palette

Colourpop Custom Palette

A few weeks ago Colourpop had another BYOP (build your own palette) sale where you could order a custom palette at a discounted price. I have enjoyed the pressed eyeshadows that I have ordered from them in the past so I thought it would be fun to build a palette of my own. I very rarely order single shadows so I spent a lot of time thinking about what shades I would want in my palette. I think the results were a very ‘me’ palette… a mix of neutrals and colourful shades. It’s also 50/50 mattes and shimmers which is what I like to see in a palette.

Colourpop Custom Palette Continue reading

First Beauty Loves

first beauty loves

The Canadian Beauty Bloggers theme of the month for February is First Beauty Loves which is so fitting for such a love-focused month. This theme has encouraged me to look through my makeup collection and remember the products that truly were first loves. Products that helped develop the passion for makeup that I have today. I’ve always worn makeup but it wasn’t until about five years ago that I really got into it. What I mean by that was I started to teach myself more about the products and application techniques and started shopping beyond just picking up staples once a year from the drugstore. So let’s take a look at what products were a big part of starting this makeup journey that I am on! Continue reading

Neglected Palette Makeup Look: Colourpop Hi-Maintenance Palette

Colourpop Hi-Maintenance Palette

I’ve got another makeup look for you today using one of the palettes I talked about in my Five Neglected Eyeshadow Palettes post. Today I’m using the Colourpop Hi-Maintenance Palette. I think part of the reason this palette gets neglected is because it’s a quad. Nothing against quads but my general preference is bigger palettes. I like having lots of options to avoid repeating the same look with it over and over. However, it is a great palette – I love the colours in it and the formula is great. It deserves more use! Side note: I could have sworn I had posted a look using the gold shade previously which is why I used the pinks… however… in looking at my previous post about this palette… well… it’s pretty darn similar. But, I’ll share it anyhow! Continue reading

Five Neglected Eyeshadow Palettes

Neglected Eyeshadow Palettes

After an evening of cruising YouTube, a video by fellow Canadian Beauty Blogger and superb YouTuber, Chelle of Makeup Your Mind caught my eye. These days a unique video topic on YouTube is pretty far and few between but somehow she always manages to keep it fresh! The video that caught my eye this time was her 5 Neglected Palettes I’m Using This Autumn video. If you haven’t watched it, I highly recommend it. It really got me thinking about my neglected eyeshadow palettes and which ones I am going to make an effort of using more this fall.

Neglected Eyeshadow Palettes Continue reading

Top 3 Lipsticks for Summer 2018

Top 3 Lipsticks for Summer 2018

Hello beauties! I’ve missed you! My life has suddenly got really busy so blogging has been put a bit on the back-burner so I apologize for how intermittent my posts will be. However, I had a bit of down time and I miss blogging and you guys so freaking much! So today I wanted to share with you three lipsticks that I’m digging for summer 2018! They are not all necessarily new to my collection but they are the ones that I have been reaching for and I can see myself continuing to reach through this summer! Continue reading