The Fall Tag

Fall Tag

Hi guys! The lovely Cat of tagged me to do the fall tag! If you haven’t checked out Cat’s wonderful blog or her podcast, they are both a must! She is a truly inspiring woman! I think I remember doing some kind of fall tag last year but this seemed different! And, new year = new answers!

What is your favourite Fall colour?

Like a deep dark orangey shade! Wrath from the Kat Von D Monarch Palette would be the colour I have in mind. Such a beautiful colour and you can find it so many places during the fall!

What is your favourite Fall lip product? 

Hmm… Probably either Urban Decay 1993 or Colourpop’s Grunge! I love the brown lip trend we’ve seen the past two falls. I did a whole post on my top 5 lipsticks for fall so you can find swatches of these two beauties there!

What is your favourite Fall accessory? 

Scarves! I wear them a lot in the winter too, but this is when I start busting them out and I get pretty excited about it!

What is your favourite Fall nail polish? 

OPI Lincoln Park After Dark is my favourite nail polish for fall or all year round. If I had to choose something else then I would say OPI Royal Rajah Ruby.

What is your favourite Fall scent? 

I have a Bath & Body Works Candle from last fall that I’m still working on, the scent is called Autumn and I’m in love with it! It really reminds me of hot apple cider.

What is your favourite Fall fashion?

Boots! Skinny jeans and boots is my favourite look to throw together!

What is your favourite Fall Starbucks drink? 

My go-to Starbucks drink in general is a Skinny Vanilla Latte and I do favour that over the seasonal fall drinks. But, if I had to pick one of the ones that is more fall specific then it would have to be a Salted Caramel Mocha. I only really get those as a treat though.

What is your favourite thing about Fall? 

Probably the colours. The changing colours of the leaves inspire me so much!

What are you being for Halloween? 

You’ll find out in a few weeks 😉 I’ve changed my mind so many times, but I’ve finally decided and ordered a costume!

What is your favourite fall hairstyle?

I don’t really change up my hair seasonally to be honest so I don’t think I have an answer for this one!

I tag the following beauties for the Fall Tag:

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