January Favourites: Makeup, Skincare & More!

January Favourites

I usually talk about how ‘fast’ a month goes by but was it just me or did January seem particularly long this year? It could have been due to the major cold snap we had for the last couple of weeks at the month that really made it feel long. If I don’t have to see -40 with the windchill on the weather network again for the rest of the winter I’ll be a happy girl! January however was a great month – it was a month of setting goals and working on achieving them. Though I didn’t get as much blogging done as I would have liked to, I did spend the month working on some other goals of mine. Continue reading

NYE Makeup Look: Huda Beauty Amethyst Obsessions

NYE Makeup Look Huda Beauty Amethyst Obsessions

As usual I had a pretty low-key NYE at home with some close friends, but despite that, I always do something special with my makeup for the occasion. This year I decided to bust out my Huda Beauty Amethyst Obsessions Palette for the first time because ending and starting a year with purple makeup just seemed right. It ended up being a very purple-centric look and I ain’t mad at that!

NYE Makeup Look Huda Beauty Amethyst Obsessions Continue reading