Love for Lipstick: Lipsense

Hi guys! I feel like for the past year or so, Lipsense by SeneGence has been everywhere I look. At work, on Instagram, on Facebook, at local events, you name it. Lipsense appears to be SeneGence’s most popular product as it is a long-wearing lipstick with some serious claims. It is said to last up to 18 hours and to be kiss proof, smudge proof and water proof. Basically, it sounds like it can survive an apocalypse. I have to admit, I was really skeptical of this “miracle” product, being an avid hoarder of lipsticks of all varieties. However, when Hallie of All Day Everyday Lips, a local distributor offered me a set for review, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see if this product really works.

With a whopping forty-five shades to choose from, I chose the shade Berry. I love deep shades like this for the fall. Also, dark colours also seem to be the most noticeable when they disappear so it seemed perfect for a wear test. Hallie also provided me with a Glossy Gloss and an Ooops! Remover so that I had everything I needed to begin this Lipsense journey.

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