NARS Powermatte Lip Pigment

NARS Powermatte Lip Pigment

In one of my recent Sephora orders I picked up a deluxe sized sample of the NARS Powermatte Lip Pigment in the shade Starwoman. This is a formula I’ve been wanting to try for a long time so I was excited to see it in the Rewards Bazaar. I’ve worn it a couple of times now so I’m ready to give you my thoughts on the formula, as well as show you the photos I took throughout the day of how it wore. Continue reading

Jouer Lip Crème Review

Jouer Lip Crème Blush

I purchased the Jouer Lip Crème in the shade blush back in December and I feel like I’ve used it enough now to form an opinion on it. I mainly purchased it so that I could pair it with one of Jouer’s Lip Toppers but I have worn this on it’s own quite a few times now. The Jouer Lip Crème promises to be lightweight and keep your lips feeling conditioned with it’s vitamin E infused formula.

First off, I have to say I’m a bit put off by the odd shape of this product. I normally love square products. As a beauty blogger I love any product that doesn’t try to roll away while being photographed, however these have a strange indent that I can’t figure out what the use of it is. It almost looks like the lipsticks could click together?

Jouer Lip Crème Blush

The formula is very moussey and reminds me of the Tarte Lip Paints. They have a delicious vanilla smell that just feels nostalgic to me for some reason. I find the applicator to be quite standard so I haven’t had any issues using it.

Jouer Lip Crème Blush Wear Test

1. Freshly applied @ 8 AM; 2. 12 PM Pre-lunch; 3. 12:30 Post-lunch (ate an oily salad); 4. 5 PM Final check-in before taking it off

Now as for how it wore on the lips… it definitely settles into the lip lines but looks passable when first applied. With time it seems to settle even more dramatically into the lip lines and flakes off throughout the day. I looked in the mirror after wearing it all morning and was a bit shocked by how awful my lips looked up close. I discovered lip lines that I didn’t even know I had! It’s a shame because I really like the colour. I’d probably still wear it for short outings since it does initially look good and takes some time to start settling, but I don’t think I’d wear it for any extended periods of time.

Overall… I would not purchase another Jouer Lip Crème. I’m so disappointed, I was so excited when I saw Sephora was carrying Jouer! But they can’t all be winners.

What was the last disappointing product that you tried? Let me know in the comments below!



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Collective Haul: December 2018

Collective Haul December 2018

Happy New Year everyone! Though I plan on sharing both my NYE makeup look and my 2018 favourites, I thought I’d first start off the year by posting my collective haul from December. I actually bought quite a bit of makeup from Sephora last month between the $25 off purchases of $75+ coupon code earlier in the month and then gift cards I received for Christmas. So let’s take a look at what I picked up last month. Continue reading

Bite Beauty Scorpio Amuse Bouche Lipstick

Bite Beauty Scorpio

When Bite Beauty announced their Astrology line of Amuse Bouche Lipsticks I couldn’t wait to see what they would have when my sign came along. Given that I’m a November baby I knew this would be a loooong wait. But alas, Bite Beauty Scorpio came to be and I was so relieved that it was a colour I would actually wear! It’s a beautiful spicy red which is just so fitting for the Scorpio sign. I purchased this during the Sephora VIB Rouge sale weekend. Continue reading

5 Lipsticks I’ll Have in Heavy Rotation This Fall

Lipstick for Fall 2018

The days are getting shorter and the air is getting crisper which means fall (though not officially here) is well underway. Though I don’t really believe in saving makeup for particular seasons I do find my patterns shift as the seasons progress. Mainly I find myself going from my minimal summer routine to one that is more involved and often either warm toned or vampy. I’m excited for this shift as I find fall really represents my favourite time of the year makeup and fashion wise so I thought I’d share with you five lipsticks that I think I’ll have in heavy rotation this fall!

Lipstick for Fall 2018 Continue reading

Top 3 Lipsticks for Summer 2018

Top 3 Lipsticks for Summer 2018

Hello beauties! I’ve missed you! My life has suddenly got really busy so blogging has been put a bit on the back-burner so I apologize for how intermittent my posts will be. However, I had a bit of down time and I miss blogging and you guys so freaking much! So today I wanted to share with you three lipsticks that I’m digging for summer 2018! They are not all necessarily new to my collection but they are the ones that I have been reaching for and I can see myself continuing to reach through this summer! Continue reading

Little Mermaid Inspired Makeup Look

Little Mermaid Inspired Makeup Look

For the last week or so I’ve had a makeup look in my mind that I wanted to create. I wanted to create something inspired by the Little Mermaid. Meaning… I wanted to combine some foily purples and greens along with a pinky-red lip. Though I didn’t end up using the products exactly as I had envisioned I was quite pleased with how this Little Mermaid inspired makeup look turned out. I’m kind of thinking of turning this into a series and sharing more character-inspired makeup looks. Let me know what you guys think in the comments below! Continue reading

March Favourites: Makeup, Skincare & More!

March Favourites

Woah, where did March go? Is it just me or did March seem like a very busy and fast month? But, that’s okay! This just brings up closer to summer! We don’t really get a real spring in Thunder Bay so I’m mentally just skipping past that and am dreaming of a warm July by the lake. I have quite a few makeup favourites to share with you this month so let’s jump into it!


March Favourites Makeup

Colourpop x Kathleen Lights | Dream St Eyeshadow Palette

I purchased this palette in February and it has remained on top of my vanity pretty much since that point. I’ve been able to create so many different eye shadow looks with it, it definitely became an every day staple. I wrote a review on the Colourpop x Kathleen Lights Dream St Palette in the earlier part of March! Continue reading