Revlon Dramatic Definition Mascara


Hi guys! Every 3-4 months it is suggested that you replace your mascara. I have been trying to do this quarterly to make it easier to keep track. I’ve been using theRevlon Dramatic Definition Mascara since the beginning of May and I am ready to share my thoughts on it!

The Revlon Mascara collection has something for everyone… They have a formula for volume, length, volume + length, dramatic definition and an all-in-one. I chose the Dramatic Definition formula as it claims to separate and define every lash which seemed appealing to me. It was a toss up between this one and the all-in-one and I think I chose wisely.

The wand is plastic and tiered to make sure that you don’t miss a lash. It’s fairly average sized so it is fairly easy to work with. It’s even pretty easy to use with your bottom lashes! The formula glides on and dries to a nice weightless finish. This is one of those mascaras where if you happen to touch your lashes, you don’t feel like you’re wearing mascara. There has been a few times where I’ve panicked because I thought I forgot to put on mascara! Continue reading

Love for Lipstick: Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche


Hi guys! I’m back with another post in my Love for Lipstick Series! In my last haul I talked about the two shades from the Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche line that I had picked up. I hadn’t tried this line and it’s fairly new so I had to pick up two because they both looked so pretty!

So let’s start off by talking about the application. These lipsticks feel very creamy and almost a bit thick to apply but don’t feel heavy once on. They are richly pigmented and only require one strategic swipe to get beautiful lips. They set down to a demi-matte/satin finish. So, it lasts all-day (but does fade as you go) and also feels super comfortable. This hydrating formula was made with nutrients, vitamins and omega-oils to help quench your lips and keep them looking healthy.


Pickled Ginger: 1. Freshly applied at 8 am; 2. Pre-lunch check-in at 12 pm; 3. Post-lunch check-in at 12:45 pm; 4. End of the work-day check-in at 5 pm

Continue reading

Love for Lipstick: Too Faced Melted Matte

Too Faced Melted Matte Lady Balls.jpg

Hi guys! I hauled some new lipsticks a few weeks ago in my last Love for Lipstick post so today I’m ready to share my first review! The Too Faced Melted Matte lipsticks are a new line that I’ve been dying to try so it is no surprise I am reviewing this one first. I love the packaging (it’s flat which makes them a dream to photograph) and the fact that they are long-wearing mattes! I chose the shade Lady Balls for two reasons… the first being that I don’t currently have a true red liquid lipstick and the second being the name. I think its hysterical… What am I wearing on my lips you ask? Lady Balls. Love it.

Too Faced Lady Balls Wear Time

1. 8:00 am: freshly applied 2. 12:30 pm: after eating lunch 3. 6:00 pm: final check-in (before eating dinner, but it did actually survive dinner too)

The wear time of this lipstick is pretty incredible. It survived eating a messy sandwich at lunch which was the true test. It’s a bit faded but you can rub your lips around to re-distribute the pigment so it never looks patchy. As of right now I have been wearing it for 12 hours. Incredible. Continue reading

Love for Lipstick: NARS vs. Bite Beauty


Hi guys! As you may already know, I started up my new Love for Lipstick Series. In case you missed it, you can find the my “round one” haul here! So today I wanted to do a comparison post and take a look at two of the matte lip pencils that I hauled. The NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil and the Bite Beauty Matte Crème Lip Crayon. I thought this was a good place to start as they are both high end matte lip pencils. So for this post you’re going to go on a journey with me through two normal work days and we will see how each product held up! Neither product was touched up at all throughout the day. Continue reading