Sleeping Giant Brewing Company Tap Room Grand Opening

Sleeping Giant Brewing Company

Hi guys! Last week I attended the grand opening of the Sleeping Giant Brewing Company’s Tap Room! This was kind of a last minute decision, but I am so glad we went. For those who don’t know, the Sleeping Giant Brewing Company is a brewery local to Thunder Bay, Ontario. It originally opened in 2012 and has recently expanded into a larger location which now features a tap room, as well as a diverse store front. Both the water and the malt are locally sourced which is amazing! I would say locally they are best known for their Northern Logger and their Skull Rock Stout. Their beer is also available through the LCBO so they can be found all over Ontario. I’m pretty new to beer drinking (it never really appealed to me before) but I am quite fond of their Northern Logger.

I forgot to take many photos of the event but one of my favourite parts of the Tap Room was the wall of all of the beer bottles the owners have collected which you can see below. You can find this up on the mezzanine. Continue reading

Snapshot Sunday + Weekly Post Recap

Hi guys! Another week down and it feel like March is almost over. Didn’t it just begin? It it just me or has 2016 been going even faster than normal? I haven’t even really been that busy….

March 20-16.jpg

1. Yummy homemade nachos that my husband and I made this week 2. Look at all that snow!! 3. My dinner from ExCuria, it was delicious! 4. Enjoying the beautiful view of the Sleeping Giant

Okay so this week… I started off the week with 2 additional dogs as my family had gone to the states so I was on dog-sitting duty. It’s always fun to watch their two dogs interact with my two.

I was offered a developmental assignment at work and it was finally announced so now everyone knows so I can talk about it. I’m really excited about it!┬áIt is a really big step forward for me so I’m looking forward to it and am ready for the challenge. That starts after the Easter weekend! Continue reading