The Fall Tag

Fall Tag

Hi guys! The lovely Cat of tagged me to do the fall tag! If you haven’t checked out Cat’s wonderful blog or her podcast, they are both a must! She is a truly inspiring woman! I think I remember doing some kind of fall tag last year but this seemed different! And, new year = new answers!

What is your favourite Fall colour?

Like a deep dark orangey shade! Wrath from the Kat Von D Monarch Palette would be the colour I have in mind. Such a beautiful colour and you can find it so many places during the fall!

What is your favourite Fall lip product? 

Hmm… Probably either Urban Decay 1993 or Colourpop’s Grunge! I love the brown lip trend we’ve seen the past two falls. I did a whole post on my top 5 lipsticks for fall so you can find swatches of these two beauties there!

What is your favourite Fall accessory? 

Scarves! I wear them a lot in the winter too, but this is when I start busting them out and I get pretty excited about it!

What is your favourite Fall nail polish? 

OPI Lincoln Park After Dark is my favourite nail polish for fall or all year round. If I had to choose something else then I would say OPI Royal Rajah Ruby.

What is your favourite Fall scent? 

I have a Bath & Body Works Candle from last fall that I’m still working on, the scent is called Autumn and I’m in love with it! It really reminds me of hot apple cider.

What is your favourite Fall fashion?

Boots! Skinny jeans and boots is my favourite look to throw together!

What is your favourite Fall Starbucks drink? 

My go-to Starbucks drink in general is a Skinny Vanilla Latte and I do favour that over the seasonal fall drinks. But, if I had to pick one of the ones that is more fall specific then it would have to be a Salted Caramel Mocha. I only really get those as a treat though.

What is your favourite thing about Fall? 

Probably the colours. The changing colours of the leaves inspire me so much!

What are you being for Halloween? 

You’ll find out in a few weeks 😉 I’ve changed my mind so many times, but I’ve finally decided and ordered a costume!

What is your favourite fall hairstyle?

I don’t really change up my hair seasonally to be honest so I don’t think I have an answer for this one!

I tag the following beauties for the Fall Tag:

Pretty Ruff Life (in the time I took to post this she did the tag herself so here is here post!)


Opal Frame



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The Adult Tag

Adult Tag

Hi guys! I saw the Adult Tag over on Helpless While Drying quite some time ago and instantly knew I had to do this tag at some point. I’ve had the link to her post sitting in my drafts for awhile so tonight I thought it was finally time to take a crack at these questions! Rachael of Helpless While Drying was also recently on the My Lip Addiction Beauty Podcast! So, if you would like to check out her episode (and I do recommend it!) you can find all the links here!

1 – How old are you and where do you live?

I am 26 (but very close to 27) and I live in Thunder Bay, Ontario!

2 – Where did you expect to be by this age?

I think I’m pretty much where I hoped I would be… married, house, car, surrounded by pets and working a full-time day job! Career-wise I guess I’m not where I thought I would be but, life happens and you roll with it. I’m in a field I never really thought about at all when I was younger so it’s not really a bad thing.

3 – Are you on track to where you want to be now?

I think so! I feel like goals change and adapt over time so it is so hard to say “I’m on track”. But, I’m happy and I don’t feel like I am missing anything in my life.

4 – What piece of advice do you wish people told you when you were young?

Hmm… that’s a good question! I can’t think of any advice that I wish I got earlier…

5 – What advice would you give to younger people now?

Do what makes you happy and don’t live your life based on what other people want or expect.

6 – Do you still suffer from FOMO?

Not really. I had to look up what FOMO means so I feel super old. Anyways, I’m pretty happy being a hermit to be honest, haha… Not that I don’t enjoy seeing my friends though. I definitely try to make an effort to go out and see them, but I don’t feel like I need to be out every weekend. I’m comfortable staying in if that’s what I feel like doing!

7 – What is your opinion on living at home vs moving out in your 20’s?

I don’t really have an opinion on it, I feel like people should do what is right for them. If you’re financially able to move out in your 20’s, go for it! If moving out will financially cripple you, don’t. I moved out when I was 19 and it thankfully worked out pretty great!

8 – If you could change something in your adult life right now then what would it be?

Hmm… I like my job, but it feels like a job so I count down to weekends and holidays. I would love to be doing something that is more centred around my hobbies/interests that doesn’t feel as much work. But, I’m comfortable where I am so I’m not really itching to leave either.

9 – Have you had any sudden realisations about life/relationships/friendships since hitting your 20s?

The older I get the more I value my close friendships. You start to realize that life isn’t about having the most friends, it’s about having a handful of super amazing close friends. People drift away, that’s just life. You really do learn who your real friends are though!

10 – Do you feel like an adult?

Yes and no. When I’m working my 9 to 5 job, taking care of my pets and paying bills, I sure do feel like an adult! However, when I’m driving around the city with my husband playing Pokemon Go with my husband as we track where the good Pokemon are, I question how much of an adult I really am… haha! But I wouldn’t change a thing.

I’m not going to tag anyone specific to participate in this fun tag, but if you do it, please leave me your links because I would love to read your answers!!



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Get to Know Me Tag

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Hi guys! I saw this tag over at Classic Maggie and thought it looked like so much fun that I had to give it a whirl myself! I highly recommend checking out her post if you want to learn more about the fantastic Nicole of Classic Maggie!

1. What brings you the greatest joy? My husband, friends, pets and family! Oh, and watching a rabbit “binky”. It’s the most amusing and greatest thing to watch…

Bunnelby approves of her new kennel!

2. What are your vices? Online shopping (particularly for makeup), procrastination and greasy food.

3. What is on your nightstand? Books, my phone and cuticle oil.

4. Do you have a secret talent? Hmm, I honestly don’t think so!

5. What is your greatest indulgence? Pasta! I loooooove pasta. When I went to Rome I practically lived off of it.

6. What should everyone try at least once in their life?  I’m with Nicole on this one and I have to say, travel! Whether it is within your own country or to another country, it such an amazing experience. I try to travel somewhere near each year!

7. What makes you laugh? So many things, I’ve got a pretty good sense of humour! I love a good meme, always appreciate sarcasm and I always love hearing a funny story.

8. What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you? I’m a major over-thinker. It’s not as bad as it used to be but I used to keep myself up at night over-thinking.

9. What is on your bucket list? Travel the world (I’ve got a fairly lengthy travel bucket list, maybe I’ll do a post on just that!), see as many of my favourite musicians perform and go to Comic-Con in San Diego, to name a few.

10. What is on your feet right now? Nothing! I’m inside my house.

11. How did you make your first dollar? Probably random chores around the house! I think it was to earn money to buy Spice Girls bubblegum to collect the stickers, haha!

12. What superstition do you believe in? Full moons evoking madness… I definitely notice a difference at work. Also, “knock on wood” is another one I regularly partake in.

13. What items in your closet do you wear the most? Jeans!

14. What is the best gift you’ve ever received? Hmm, probably my engagement ring. I was so surprised when I came home to find my husband on one knee and I will treasure that ring forever. It’s exactly what I had always had in mind. He did good!

15. What is on your liquor shelf? If you saw my liquor shelf you would think I had a problem… My drink of choice is merlot though.

16. What is on your kitchen counter? The usual stuff… spice rack, fruit bowl, Keurig Coffee Maker and so on 🙂

17. What would you never leave home without? My phone and wedding rings, I feel naked without those, and I guess my wallet is an essential too!

I tag anyone who would like to participate in the Get to Know Me Tag! Link me your posts if you do it, I love reading these kinds of posts!



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Behind the Scenes Tag


Hi guys! I recently found this tag over on Up the Roller Coaster and I found it super informative so I thought I would give it a go! It was intended to be about filming videos but when she wrote her post she adapted the questions to make them about blogging. I’ve done something similar and have adapted the questions to include blogging as that is my primary media but I mention filming as well. I’ve left the questions unaltered at the bottom as well though.

Tag Questions:

1) What camera do you use?

Panasonic Lumix ZS30 – it looks like a simple point and shoot and is simple like one, but the quality of photos it takes wonderful photos and video! I do want to upgrade at some point though, not being able to see myself as I film is a huge challenge!

2) What editing system do you use?

I’m trying to learn Adobe Photoshop for editing my blog photos. I typically don’t alter them much though. For basic edits like cropping I use the Photos program my Mac came with.

3) Do you use artificial or natural lighting?

Natural lighting!

4) What is the top item on your filming wish list?

A new camera and lighting!

5) What is your favourite day in the week to write?

Usually the weekend but I write in bits and pieces throughout the week.

Continue reading

Would You Rather? Beauty Edition


Hi guys! It has been awhile since I’ve done a tag post so I thought I would search the internet to see what kinds of fun tags I could find… I ended up finding a beauty version of the “Would You Rather?” Tag which looked too fun to pass up! I’m not sure where it originated from, but the source where I found it is right here!

1. Would you rather go out with messy hair and nice make-up or Nice hair and no make-up?

Messy hair and nice make-up… this is probably what I look like almost every day of my life! I’m so challenged when it comes to my hair!

2. Would you rather shave your eyebrows or have your eyelashes fall out?

This is a super tough one…. I guess I could always apply false lashes and have it at least look a bit more natural than having to draw eyebrows on from scratch… so lets say have all my lashes fall out.

3. Would you rather be forced to shop at only MAC or Sephora for the rest of your life?

Sephora, for sure! I would rather have access to many brands instead of just the one! Continue reading

You Make Me Blush Tag

P1010943 (1)

Hi guys! I found this cute tag on the blog Classy on the Run which is very quickly becoming one of my must-reads! You can find her post here!

What blush colour suits you the most?

I tend to wear a lot of peachy blushes! I feel like they add a nice natural glow to my cheeks.

Pressed, cream or loose blush?

Pressed for sure! I don’t have any loose blushes and I tend to favour powders over cream products.

Favourite shimmery blush?

It’s probably a tie between NARS Orgasm and the Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush in Candy Glow.

Favourite matte blush?

This would hands down be the Urban Decay Afterglow Blush in Fetish. It’s such a pretty medium pink-nude. It looks natural, yet looks like you’ve added a little something extra to your cheeks. Continue reading

25 Facts About Me Tag

Hi guys! I saw this Tag Post over on Stash Matter’s Blog so I thought I would give it a go as well! Thank you for the inspiration, Stashy! It’s always fun to provide a little insight into my life and other interests aside from beauty products.

What is your middle name?


What was your favourite subject in school?

English! I love reading and writing.

What is your favourite drink?

Either tea (Blueberry Green Tea or English Breakfast), water (I’m boring) or a nice Merlot! Continue reading

Three Day Quote Challenge: Day Three

Hi guys! It’s time for the third and final post for the three day quote challenge! I’ve really enjoyed doing this and sharing some of my favourite quotes with you.

Rules for the challenge:

  1. Thank the blogger that nominated you.
  2. Share one new quote on three consecutive days on your blog. They can be from anywhere, anyone, or anything.
  3. On each of the three days, nominate three more bloggers to carry on with the fun! No pressure; nominees are free to decline.


Today’s quotes is definitely one of my favourites. I have this printed and it sits in my beauty area as it really sums up some of my beliefs. The first time I saw this quote I knew that I had to have it framed in my beauty area some day.

Today’s Nominees are:

Everything and Nothin


It’s Jordan Leigh



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Three Day Quote Challenge: Day Two

Hi guys! It feels so weird to be posting on a Tuesday, but I have day two of the three day quote challenge for you today! To see day one click here!

Rules for the challenge:

  1. Thank the blogger that nominated you.
  2. Share one new quote on three consecutive days on your blog. They can be from anywhere, anyone, or anything.
  3. On each of the three days, nominate three more bloggers to carry on with the fun! No pressure; nominees are free to decline.


Today’s Nominees:

Beauty Anti-Guru





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