Summer Trends: Graphic Eye


Hi guys! I’ve been getting emails from Sephora inviting me to visit their website to explore summer trends and it got me really inspired. As soon as I saw them I really wanted to find a way to incorporate them onto the blog.

Today I’ll be tackling the “Graphic Eye” trend! A Graphic Eye seems to be an over-the-top almost animated looking eye makeup look. All of the examples I have seen have incorporated bold, unique eyeliner, whether it be a bold colour or drawn boldly. This isn’t showing on their #TrendingatSephora page anymore, but I still thought it would be interesting to talk about nonetheless.

For my take on this summer trend, I decided to simply add a twist to a look I would normally wear by adding bright purple winged liner. Many could say that winged liner isn’t anything unusual, but I very rarely wear it myself. I find it’s very much 50/50 whether or not it turns out so I often don’t do it because I don’t want to risk having to re-do my makeup. However, the NYX Vivid Brights Liquid Eyeliner I used made it a breeze! I was skeptical because I usually prefer a pen-style tip like the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner but, I ended up very impressed! Continue reading