Mixing Cool Tones and Warm Tones

Mixing Cool Tones and Warm Tones

After sharing a glittery makeup look last week using the Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner in the shade Glamrock last week, I was inspired to use it again. This time though, I wanted to use it as a pop of glitter in an eye makeup look that would combine both cool tones and warm tones. I knew that my brand new Zoeva Cocoa Blend Eyeshadow Palette was up for this task. I don’t often blend cool tones and warm tones but after creating this look, I am questioning past practices because I am in love with how this look turned out! I’m also questioning why the heck I don’t do winged eyeliner more often, but enough of me gabbing about the look, let’s take a look at it, shall we?

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5 of My Favourite Beauty Tips

5 favourite beauty tips

Hi guys! I always appreciate a good beauty tip. Whether it be something really original, or an oldie that I’ve long forgotten. I wanted to share with you five of my favourite beauty tips. I am in no way claiming and of these to be original. I’m pretty sure a lot of these have been around forever so I wouldn’t even know where to start to give credit. Wherever these came from, I really enjoy them and I thought I would share them here!

Conditioner as Shaving Cream

This is probably my favourite beauty tip. I haven’t purchased actual shaving cream for YEARS. I purchase an inexpensive conditioner, usually one by TRESemme with a pump and it seriously lasts forever. You don’t need to use much, it lubricates your skin for your razor to easily glide across and it moisturizes. It takes up more room in my shower but that seems like a small price to pay. Continue reading