Vichy Idéal Soleil

Hi guys! Vichy Canada & Chick Advisor were kind enough to send me three products from the Ideal Soleil line to test and review. Given that I spend quite a bit of time outside in the summer, I was really excited to give these a try! Sun care should be a priority during these hot summer months so finding products that you enjoy using is a must.

Vichy | Ultra-Light Lotion SPF50


The first product that I tried was the facial lotion. It has a very light and runny texture, but it absorbs immediately into the skin. Moments after applying it I felt my face and I couldn’t even tell that I had even put any on. It didn’t feel greasy or anything on the face so I was able to apply makeup over it with no issue. My makeup wore the same as it would any other day.

Vichy | Sheer Lotion Bare Skin Feel SPF60


This product was another that dries down for a non-sticky feel which I loved because I hate sticky sunscreen residue. However, I did find that if I applied too much, it would kind of sit there and ball up. Once I cut down the amount I was using, I didn’t have any issues. I did have to spend quite a bit of time rubbing it in, but it was worth it to avoid that sticky “I’m wearing sunscreen” feeling I get when using other ones. It was slightly runnier than an average sunscreen, but I think the texture is part of what makes it absorb so well.

Vichy | Double Usage After-Sun Care


This is an interesting product. It’s for using after sun exposure to hydrate your skin and can be used either on dry skin or in the shower. It’s got a very thin and watery consistency, but it absorbs into the skin. It did freak me out at first because I wasn’t expecting that consistency but once I realized and put it on my hands first and then rubbed it in (I tried to spray it on myself.. big mistake!) it worked like a charm. My preferred way of using it is throwing some on before bed as even though it absorbs, you still feel a bit sticky. My skin feels so nice and hydrated by the next morning. I’ve been getting a bit of sun lately as I’ve been walking a lot outdoors so this product has been very helpful!

Overall, I’m really enjoying these products and will be reaching for them a lot this summer. None of the products have much in the way of a scent. These products are all paraben-free as well. I don’t have sensitive skin myself but they do claim to be sensitive-skin friendly!

Thank you to Vichy and Chick Advisor for these products! They were sent to me for review purposes, however all thoughts & opinions are my own.

What is your favourite sun care products to use? Let me know in the comments down below!



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3 Replies to “Vichy Idéal Soleil”

  1. need to try this, my skin is beyond dry.

    1. I’ve been enjoying it! I’m oily, but it said its suitable for all skin types, and I’m guessing the lotion-base will help with dryness 🙂 Hope you like it if you do try it!

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