Three Go-To Recipes

Go-To Recipes

Go-To Recipes

In keeping with my lifestyle posts on Sunday’s theme during NaBloPoMo I thought today I’d share with you three of my go-to recipes. These recipes are absolute staples in my household and are made multiple times a month. They are always a hit and make my meal planning a little bit easier.

Cauliflower “Wings”

Cauliflower Wings

I’ve been making these regularly for the past 3 or 4 years and they have definitely become a staple in my household. Whether I make them battered or make them with simply just buffalo sauce on them, they are always a treat we enjoy! I always pair them with a homemade ranch dip too!


Battered (modifications – I use regular flour – I also kind of eye ball my batter until I get the consistency that I want) *Photographed above
Ranch Dip (modifications – I use garlic powder instead of real garlic)

Burrito Bowls

Burrito Bowl

Inspired by Chipotle, which we don’t have locally, I have filled the burrito bowl void with my own homemade version. The best thing about it is that you can really add whatever you feel like and make it your own. My base ingredient is rice that I’ve cooked with a splash of lime juice. I typically use shredded chicken (seasoned with tex mex seasoning), shredded cheese, salsa and guacamole. I also from time to time add in black beans or corn.

 Homemade Pizza


I’ve been using this recipe for homemade pizza crust for awhile now and it is definitely a winner. Using my Kitchenaid mixer makes it super quick and easy to throw together. Again, the best thing about this is how unique you can make each pizza. My go-to toppings are: smoked mozzarella, mushrooms, bacon, tomato, pickled jalapeño and kale. When adding kale to a pizza I rip it into pieces and throw it into a baggie with a little olive oil and I add it as the last ingredient on my pizza. This ensures it gets nice and crispy like a kale chip! Yum! For my base ingredients I always brush olive oil all over the crust, then sprinkle whole sea salt on top and then top with plain crushed tomatoes. Simple & delicious!


Pizza Crust

What are some of your go-to recipes? Let me know in the comments below!



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2 Replies to “Three Go-To Recipes”

  1. Thanks for these recipes! I love cauliflower wings but I’ve always made them battered so I’m going to check out the non-battered version as well.

    1. Lipstick on the Lake says: Reply

      You’re welcome! I love making cauliflower wings both ways depending on my mood haha but I’ve been doing the non-battered more recently

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