Snowmen Wine Bottle Art

snowmen wine bottle art

Stepping away from beauty for a moment, let’s chat about another one of my hobbies… crafting! As I’m in my new place now I’m starting to get more into decorating again. Decorating for Christmas is fun, however, I wanted to create something more winter-centric as Christmas is a very short time of the year vs. winter lasts quite a few months. Thus, my Snowmen Wine Bottles were born. I had seen a few ideas on Pinterest that I liked but none of them entirely captured what I wanted so I ended up winging it in the end. So let’s look at how I created my Snowmen Wine Bottle Art! I took pictures of a few of the steps and can fill in the blanks!

Snowmen Wine Bottle Art

Snowmen Wine Bottle Art

Products Required:

  • 1 (or more depending on how many you want to make – I personally like painting wine bottles in 3’s so that’s why I keep referring to them the plural – men!) wine bottle(s) – I like using ones that have a cork in them as it is hard to remove the metal around the neck of a screw-top
  • Acrylic paint – white, black and orange
  • Craft paint brushes
  • Black felt
  • Ribbon
  • Craft glue


  1. Remove the foil from around the neck of the wine bottle(s) and remove any labels (I soak mine in a mixture of hot water, vinegar and baking soda in the sink before using goo gone to remove any label that remains – if you use goo gone make sure you wash the residue off after)
  2. Get your work space ready for painting (I like to use a garbage bag with newspaper over top)
  3. Paint the bottle(s) white (I had to do two coats – make sure you let them dry between coats)
  4. Paint the neck of the bottle(s) black
  5. Use the bottom of a wine bottle to trace circle(s) onto the black felt for the hats and then cut them out
  6. Using the opening of a bottle trace another circle inside which you will cut out so that the now donut shaped felt can be pushed down the neck of the bottles that you are painting (I had to adjust the cut a few times to get them the right size for each bottle)
  7. Check to see if you have to add more black paint to make it match up with the felt so that together the paint and the felt create the brim of a top hat (I didn’t glue mine because the felt was quite tight but you can if you want to)
  8. Cut your ribbon so that it is longer than you would need to wrap around your bottle to create a scarf
  9. Using glue (I used white craft glue but would recommend a hot glue gun) affix the scarf onto the snowman to your liking
  10. Cut-off excess ribbon to get the length of scarf you desire
  11. Paint the face onto the bottle(s) using black and orange paint (I free-handed them and I like that they are all a bit different because coal comes in different shapes and sizes so no two snowmen ever look the same)

Snowmen Wine Bottle Art

Aren’t they adorable? I love the way my Snowmen Wine Bottle Art turned out! They are imperfectly perfect!

Are you into doing seasonal crafts? Let me know in the comments below!



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