3 Glow Worthy Highlights


Hi guys! I have been getting more into highlighting over the past few years. I find myself constantly drawn to new highlights to add more glow to my face. I generally only highlight the tops of my cheek bones as I have oily skin. I have to be strategic to avoid looking greasy. However, I don’t let that get in the way of getting my highlight on! I’ve heard many oily skinned people say they avoid highlighting but honestly, I think if it’s applied right, anyone can pull it off. Today I want to share with you some of my favourite highlights!

The Balm | Mary Lou-Manizer


This highlight is essential in everyone’s make up collection. I have seen it applied on so many different skin tones and it looks amazing on all of them! This is a pretty intense highlight so blending and using a light hand is essential. When applied properly it adds such a beautiful glow to the face. It’s a beautiful “honey” shade that can also be used as an eye shadow! This is definitely a staple in my collection and no matter how many other highlights I purchase, I reach for this one time and time again!

Becca | Shimmering Skin Perfector (Pressed) in the shade Pearl


If you are fair skinned like me then you will love this stunning white highlight. I still just having this from the Champagne Glow Palette (LE Holiday 2015) but I definitely need to pick up the full size at some point. This highlight effortlessly blends into the skin for a beautiful glow. It is finely milled so it is also very smooth to apply. Rather than being glittery, the shimmer comes from luminescent pearls. I also enjoy the shade Moonstone (pale gold shade). They have many shades so most skin tones should be able to find one that works!

Anastasia Beverly Hills | Glow Kit in Gleam


I’ve been raving about this Glow Kit ever since I purchased it during the VIB Sale in April for good reason! I have been really into a pinky highlight lately and this palette delivers. It contains 4 generously sized highlight pans. So you have options, or you can mix a few together to get your perfect shade. My personal favourite shades to use are Starburst and Crushed Pearl, either separately or combined! Anastasia Beverly Hills also makes two other versions of this palette which are “That Glow”and “Sun Dipped” so again, there is something for everyone! These palettes can also be used as eye shadows so any shades that don’t work as a highlight on your skin tone still can be useful!

I do have other highlights in my collection that I really enjoy using (and use regularly) but these three stand out in my opinion. I reach for them most often for a reason because not only are they all beautiful shades, but they also are of an excellent quality as well. My current favourite brush to use for applying highlighter is the Morphe M501 brush, but I do also occasionally use a fan brush.

What are some of your favourite highlights? Let me know in the comments down below!



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  2. Wowsers, the Becca in Pearl is so shiny! The Anastasia Beverly Hills one looks so versatile – I’m still lemming that one but I know I don’t “need” any more highlights at the moment! I’ve been enjoying Becca Opal lately. 🙂

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