Palette Spotlight: Morphe 9B Palette

Morphe 9B Palette

I’ve had the Morphe 9B Palette since the start of the year but I haven’t really talked about it much here on the blog. With that said, I thought it would be a perfect choice for my next Palette Spotlight post. I may typically hoard eye shadow palettes, but I do have a few other types, such as blush, as well!

Morphe 9B Palette

The Morphe 9B Palette leans rather warm, but it has a little something in it for a variety of makeup looks! It contains both matte and shimmer shades which adds to the variety. There are ore mattes than shimmers, which I tend to prefer from a blush anyhow. I would say that my favourite shade in this palette is probably the first on the second row. I do wish that Morphe normally named their shades, or at least numbered them to make it easier to blog about them! Blogger problems, am I right?

Morphe 9B Palette Swatches

Each blush is richly pigmented, however blends out really quite easily. A light hand and a good brush for blending makes this palette a breeze to use. It’s easier to add a little more blush than it is to take it away! My favourite blush brush is the Morphe E4 brush and I definitely use it with this palette.

Morphe 9B Palette Packaging

Have you tried the Morphe 9B Palette yet? Let me know in the comments below! For $20 USD it’s a pretty decent deal for nine 2.5 inch pans of blush. Be sure to check out my previous Palette Spotlights!



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