Makeup Revolution Reloaded Neutrals 2 Palette

Makeup Revolution Reloaded Neutrals 2 Palette

I have a soft spot for warm eyeshadow palettes. I have a bunch of them and every time I see a new one, I feel an urge to add it to my collection. When I was placing an order with Orabel Beauty last month I knew that the Makeup Revolutions Reloaded Neutrals 2 Palette had to be mine because of this. I do not regret this purchase one bit because it is an absolutely fantastic warm eye shadow palette. Keep reading for my full review, swatches and a few makeup looks featuring this lovely palette!

Makeup Revolution Reloaded Neutrals 2 Palette

The Makeup Revolution Reloaded Neutrals 2 packaging is plastic with a window on the lid of the palette that allows you to see all of the shades without even opening it up. I quite like this as it is particularly handy since the Reloaded palettes otherwise all look pretty similar externally. The palette contains 15 shades in satin, matte and foiled finishes.

Makeup Revolution Reloaded Neutrals 2 Palette Swatches Row 1

The first row swatched is a bit underwhelming but these shades apply beautifully to the eyes. I mostly use them as transition shades, or in the crease. The last shade is great for packing onto the outer corner to add depth.

Makeup Revolution Reloaded Neutrals 2 Palette Swatches Row 2

I always struggle to swatch light shades because they rarely are pigmented enough to show up on my fair skin, however, look at how pigmented the first shade is! Again, no issues with these shades. The middle shade is one of my favourites to wear on the lid.

Makeup Revolution Reloaded Neutrals 2 Palette Swatches Row 3

The first shade is truly a heart stopper. Look how pigmented it is! That was one swipe of beautiful foiled greatness. The second shade is another one that I wear all over the lid constantly. It is pretty versatile in terms of what other shades in the palette look good with it. The last two shades are also two that I have been using a lot in the crease area.

I swear this makeup look was a lot more blended in real life. My camera sometimes likes to focus in on my crease shade and it looks way more intense here than it really did. This makeup look features the second shade from the third row as well as the last two shades from that row, with a touch of the last shade from the top row in the crease.


This look features that beautiful foiled shade from the last row with the first shade and the last two shades from the first row in the crease. I was going to an event when I wore this look so I wanted something a bit bolder and more colourful.

I also shared a third look using this palette on the blog last week: Makeup Revolution Warm Makeup Look

Overall, I absolutely adore the Makeup Revolution Reloaded Neutrals 2 Palette. I have been wearing it non-stop. The best part is that this palette was only $9.99 CAD on the Orabel Beauty website. Best yet, you can use code “BLOGGERSFAN” for 10% off your order! I have been having a ton of fun with this palette and can’t wait to review the Makeup Revolution Reloaded Division Palette next! The quality of these affordable palettes have been blowing me away.



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