Makeup Revolution Constellation Palette | Review

Makeup Revolution Constellation Palette

It’s safe to say that this has been the spring and summer of Makeup Revolution for me. I’ve become hooked on their inexpensive, yet quality eye shadow palettes. Their thing is definitely duping other high end palettes but they do such a great job that I ain’t mad about it. I believe the Makeup Revolution Constellation Palette, which I’ll be reviewing for you today, is supposed to be a dupe of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Riviera Palette. However, I do not own that palette so I can’t really speak to their comparability at this time.

Makeup Revolution Constellation Palette Packaging

The packaging for the Makeup Revolution Constellation Palette is part of what made this palette stick out to me when I was browsing through Ulta last month. I am a sucker for constellation/galaxy themed products. The bright colours over a dark, starry backdrop always sucks me in. The palette itself is metal and tightly closes with a snap closure.

Makeup Revolution Constellation Palette

The Makeup Revolution Constellation Palette contains 18 shades of matte, shimmer and satin finishes. It has everything you would need to create a variety of looks with it as it does contain a shade that can be used as a transition shade (Asteroid is a great transition shade if it works with your colouring).


Makeup Revolution Constellation Palette Swatches Row 1

L to R: Celestial, Jupiter, Spiral, Saturn, Night Sky & Mars

Makeup Revolution Constellation Palette Swatches Row 2

L to R: Harp, Universal, Neptune, Venus, Cluster & Solar

Makeup Revolution Constellation Palette Swatches Row 3

L to R: Dimension, Fractal, Cosmic, Mercury, Retrograde & Asteroid

I didn’t really have any issues using these eye shadows. Even the purples, which are generally tricky shades to formulate, were easy enough to use. The mattes blend really nicely and can be built up which is how I like my matte shades. The shimmers/satins were all pigmented and easy to use. The one glittery shade, Harp, did have some fallout but it was easy enough to simply sweep it away.

Makeup Looks

Full details for Monochromatic Purple Look

Crease/Transition: Venus
Outer-V: Cosmic
Inner Lid: Fractal
Centre Lid: Neptune
Under Eye: Venus

Makeup Revolution Constellation Palette Makeup Look

Transition: Asteroid
Crease: Mars
Lid: Mercury
Under Eye: Fractal

Makeup Revolution Constellation Palette Pop of Colour Makeup Look

Transition: Asteroid
Crease: Universal
Outer-V: Universal
Inner Lid: Solar
Centre Lid: Harp
Under Eye: Dimension & Night Sky

I honestly think out of all of the looks I created with this palette the last one with all the colour under the eye is my personal favourite. I wish I would have worn it longer but I will need to re-create it!

My final thoughts are that I think that this is a really fun and versatile palette. The eyeshadows all perform really well for the price. The palette retails for $20 CAD which I think is very reasonable for an 18 shade palette. Inexpensive palettes like this one are a great way to experiment with colour!



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